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MEMO Paris was founded in 2007 by Clara and John Molloy. For MEMO Paris the journey is the destination. MEMO Paris is short for memory and it understands perfume creation as a voyage to distant places, as a discovery, experience and reminiscence all in one. The feeling of departure, of being at one with the world, the art of losing oneself: this is what fragrances and travelling have in common. The creations of the couple behind the brand, an Irishman and an Andalusian, have captured the essence of 22 places around the world in six collections. Clara Molloy is the label’s creative director, while the exquisite perfume creations are by Hungarian-French perfumer Aliénor Massenet and Sophie Labbé.

The collections of MEMO Paris:
Les Echappées
Granada | Inlé | Lalibela | Luxor Oud | Quartier Latin | Shams Oud | Siwa

Cuirs Nomades
African Leather | French Leather | Irish Leather | Italian Leather | Moon Fever | Russian Leather

Graines Vagabondes
Ilha do Mel | Kedu

Escales Extraordinaires Leather Coffret
Inlé Iris | Irish Oud | Lalibela Oud | Moon Leather | French Leather Rose

Escales Extraordinaires Standard Packaging
Inlé Iris | Irish Oud | Lalibela Oud | Moon Leather

Art Land

Eau de MEMO
Eau de MEMO

Bath Line
Body Cream | Body Wash | Hand Cleansing Gel | Irish Leather Celtic Kit 50 ml | Irish Leather Celtic Kit 100 ml

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