A cinematic olfactory experience

With his latest fragrance line Escentric Molecules 05, Geza Schön has – yet again – landed a stunning coup. The fragrance quenches our eternal longing for summer – and now it can do that in the shower, too! The wonderful scent of Escentric 05 now features in a new Body Wash

The key note is the complex molecule Cashmeran – soft and cocooning, aromatically woody, sweetly resinous. This molecule is accompanied by typical Mediterranean scents, such as bergamot, orange, rosemary and a hint of fig.

I may have mentioned previously that I am a massive fan of extending fragrances by adding good products to the line. Although you may think that a shower gel is a very nice, but essentially functional product, in fact the Body Washes actually let you physically experience the glorious scent.   

This is particularly true for Escentric Molecules 05 and its underlying story. For me, this is Geza Schön’s most personal creation, inspired directly by his life: 05 sums up the fragrances that accompany Geza in summer, walking from the coast of Mallorca up to his cottage in the mountains, along the same path used by the ancient Romans thousands of years ago. This historic trail passes through ancient forests, past fragrant herbs, flowers and a fig tree, all enveloped by the breezy tang of the sea.

Treat yourself to a shower with this Body Wash or use it as a bath soak and you’ll be bringing the scents of a Mediterranean summer straight to your bathroom. Close your eyes, inhale – and find yourself on a warm, summer beach …

Escentric Molecules 05 is fragrant poetry and a cinematic vision in a bottle. It is inspiring, a pleasure for the senses and it stimulates the imagination. What better thing could be said of a fragrance?