The Beautiful Mind Series –
The Third Dimension in Scent

What happens when several completely different and utterly exceptional talents join forces? The fragrance series The Beautiful Mind provides the answer. It is the result of the collaboration between the perfumer Geza Schön with individuals who have outstanding talents and skills, and it translates these unique abilities into a fragrance.

The memory artist Christiane Stenger is the inspiration and collaborator for the first fragrance in this series Vol. 1: Intelligence & Fantasy. Her fragrance is about memories and the emotions that are bound up with them. The second fragrance Vol. 2: Precision & Grace is inspired by internationally-fêted ballet dancer Polina Semionova and translates the special mental strengh of a ballet dancer into an unique fragrance.

The striking aesthetics of the bottle and box was contributed by the third talent in this group, Paul White of the London-based Me Company.

Distribution by will be a brand in Germany | Austria | Switzerland | Slovakia | Czech Republic.