Escentric Molecules – Molecules, Not Mass

Escentric Molecules is the label of perfumer Geza Schön. He set up his own label to give himself the creative freedom to provoke and to de-mystify the fragrance process. His creations are astonishing, captivating, confusing: they are fragrances with an unusual presence that offer a radically different proposition in the world of scent. These perfumes follow neither market nor myth, but instead focus purely on the ingredient and its effect.

For Escentric Molecules Geza Schön creates two versions of each fragrance. The Molecule variant is based on a single synthetic fragrance molecule: a revolutionary use of aroma chemicals and a radical departure from the conventional top-to-bottom pyramid which, at the same time, pays homage to modern synthesis perfumery. For the Escentric version of a fragrance, Geza Schön lets other ingredients play off this olfactory note: he uses this molecule in a high concentration and adds other ingredients to form an alluringly minimalist composition.

The branding and design of Escentric Molecules is contributed by the London-based agencies This Company and Me Company, who have translated Geza Schön’s unique fragrance language into fascinating visual analogies for the elusive nature of the products themselves.

The Escentric Molecules range currently comprises ten fragrances (all fragrances also available in a travel size) and five body washes:

Distribution by will be a brand in Germany | Austria | Switzerland | Slovakia | Czech Republic.