Kinski Fragrance – Innocence and Feral Sensuality

The actor Klaus Kinski (1926 – 1991) was famous for his interpretation of eccentric characters and roles. His ruthless, disrespectful and frequently scandalous behaviour hurt, appalled and captivated people. The manager of Kinski’s legacy, the author and director Peter Geyer, commissioned a fragrance to honour this compelling personality. Kinski Fragrance pays homage to a complex, impressive individual – a luxury product that conveys the essence of something rare, precious and arcane.

The fragrance was created by the Berlin-based perfumer Geza Schön: “The ingredients are a reflection Kinski’s lifestyle: excessive, exuberant, debauched – and yet sensual. I instantly thought of something animalic, dirty…yet also something clean, innocent. A fragrance that is ambivalent as Kinski’s personality.”

Kinski Fragrance is a richly decadent, textured fragrance, with heady top notes including cassis, juniper and castoreum; a heart with oceanic notes inspired by Kinski’s love of the sea; and a base of animalic and woody notes that reflect his own almost feral sensuality.

The design for Kinski Fragrance was created by Paul White of Me Company: a composition of a shadowy film noir mood and contemporary experimental methods.

Distribution by will be a brand in Germany | Austria | Switzerland | Slovakia | Czech Republic.