Urban Scents was founded in Berlin in 2014 by Parfumeur Créateur Marie Urban – Le Febvre and Alexander Urban. 

A passionate aviator, Parfumeur Créateur Marie Urban – Le Febvre is a discoverer of terrae incognitae with her plane just as much as with her senses. Like an infinity-shaped propeller blading through air, Marie pierces through olfactory terrains with her Urban Scents collection and made-to-measure perfume creations, using scent as a key to a journey into the world of the senses.

The collection is currently comprised of seven fragrances and four scented candles. The exquisite ingredients are sourced from independent workshops and processed at a small perfume house in Grasse. The night-blue flacons with the propeller logo are handmade in a glass workshop in Northern France, the nickel-plated brass caps are forged in Italy and the high quality packaging is made in Germany.

The portfolio currently comprises eight fragrances:
Dark Vanilla | Vetiver Réunion | Gunpowder Cologne | Lost Paradise | Sensual Blend 
Singular Oud | Desert Rose | Ber Cavok

All fragrances also available as Travel Size Edition

Four scented candles round off the range:
Club Lounge | Holy Wood | Oriental Tales | Matcha Green Tea