The Beautiful Mind Series Vol.1:
Intelligence & Fantasy

The memory artist Christiane Stenger is the inspiration and collaborator for the first fragrance in this series. Her fragrance is about memories and the emotions that are bound up with them.

An ode to summer, a tribute to the beauty of true intelligence: the head note heralds in the freshness and lightness of the beginning of summer with magnolia blossom, bergamot, mandarin, schinus molle (Peruvian peppertree) and freesia. In the heart the full magnificence of summer unfolds with osmanthus, rose oil, hedione and tiare absolute, an extract of a rare and precious Tahitian flower. Like the warming rays of the sun, cedar, musk, sandalwood and cashmeran in the base note evoke the comforting feeling of being enveloped in a caress.

Top:       Bergamot | Mandarine | Schinus Molle | Magnolia
Heart:   Tiare Absolue | Freesia | Rose oil | Hedione | Osmanthus Absolue
Base:    Musk | Cedar | Sandalwood | Cashmeran