Limited Edition: 02 turns 10

10 years ago, perfumer Geza Schön released his legendary scent Escentric Molecules 02. The fragrance duo is now celebrating their 10-year anniversary with a limited edition in sophisticated, newly designed travel cases.

Before 2008 it was “just” a fragrance: Ambroxan – warm, sensual and animalistic, with a long-lasting mineral freshness. Geza Schön made the fragrance the focus of his two new scent creations Escentric 02 and Molecules 02, and it caused a mini-revolution on the scent scene.

To celebrate the successful duo’s anniversary, both fragrances are available in a limited edition featuring a new design: The 100 ml bottles of eau de toilette come in high-quality travel cases made of anodized aluminium and featuring different colours. The puristic containers are brushed matt, with a soft cushion inside for protection.

Molecule 02 contains pure ambroxan; Escentric 02 combines the fragrance with hedione (jasmine blossom), notes of gin and tonic and a hint of the cult German lemonade ‘Almdudler’. The majority of scents that contain amber only have 1-2 % of ambroxan; Escentric 02 contains the maximum amount – 13.5 %. Any more and the ambroxan would begin to crystallise.