Need some good advice?

A fragrance is a lot like a relationship: you can just leave things to chance and perhaps get lucky – or you can let yourself be beguiled, led and, finally, seduced. Applied to perfume, we call this a fragrance consultation, and it is a pleasure you should really treat yourself to!

If you’re not familiar with the fragrance world and want some unbiased advice in your search for “your” perfume, then a fragrance consultation is ideal. But even if you know your own preferences, you should still consider a consultation as it can often open up new, unexpected ideas and perspectives.

The key ingredient in a good consultation is a skilled consultant. At will be a brand we always provide special training folders for the products we sell. Good consultants have profound knowledge and expertise in fragrances, they are familiar with the ingredients, the quality and, of course, the story behind each fragrance. In perfumery art more than perhaps in any other field, there’s often an inspiring story, idea or brilliant concept behind the actual scent. For example, The Beautiful Mind Series, Geschöpf or Escentric Molecules. Sometimes the application needs to be explained: with COMBINISM, for example, you can combine two separate fragrances.

A good fragrance consultant has the necessary instinct to sense what the customer needs. Appearances – for instance, what the customer is wearing or what car happens to be parked outside the shop – don’t count.  A skilled consultant will ask what the person’s favourite season is, what they do in their leisure time and what places are special for them. These are important pointers for what makes a person tick and which fragrance will match their personality, their life – or even “just” a special occasion.  

A successful consultation should never overburden the nose: class, not mass is the guiding principle. Four or five perfumes are more than enough; an artisan perfume is not something you pick up like a loaf of bread. Mornings are a good time for a consultation because the olfactory senses are still fresh. You should always dab your final choices on your wrist to allow the fragrance to develop on the skin and then, most importantly, take a walk around the block. Occasionally, you may get a surprise but it will almost always lead to a better, more informed decision.   

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to ask! Sales consultants in perfume shops are passionate about what they do and love nothing better than applying all their skills to find the perfect match. What really makes them happy is seeing a customer blissfully leaving the shop with a new fragrance.

So, in conclusion: a fragrance consultation is a true pleasure. It can open the doorway to incredibly beautiful fragrances which you might never have discovered on your own and without unbiased advice.