Mark Buxton


“Creating a perfume is like constructing a building. We add a component and at the end everything is in its place. The aim of the perfumer is to give the creation an eternal, unforgettable note with his component.”

Born in England, he grew up near Hamburg and has made Paris his home: after completing his perfumery training in Holzminden, Mark Buxton catapulted himself into the premier rank of perfumers with his creation for the fashion label Comme des Garçons. Throughout his 25 years in the perfume industry he has created more than 50 fragrances for haute pafumerie; in 2012 he set up his own label, Mark Buxton Perfumes, and has since been creating luxury perfumes in keeping with his distinctive vision.

Mark Buxton is also one of the minds behind the French niche perfume store, Nose Shop (, and co-founder of the perfume house Perfarium (