Ring the changes

The absolutely brilliant Atelier PMP from Hamburg is one of those brands that take a concept-driven, cerebral approach to perfume art. Each fragrance is created around an idea; it tells a story and has a message. Even the names conjure up the most fabulous olfactory images – like Dreckig bleiben (stay dirty) or Concrete Flower. anti anti plays with the idea of being against “being against”, i.e. being for something, which is perfect in our book and a heartening approach to life. The message of the Combinism line is a call to society to join forces and embrace otherness – and it offers a handy blueprint on how to go about this: two fragrances – each a beautiful composition in its own right – can be combined to form an olfactory vision of empathetic togetherness called EmpaTopia. In another beguiling spin on a concept, ŌN and GESCHÖPF span a wide, alluringly fragrant arch from the individual to the world.

The two minds behind Atelier PMP, designer and artist Stefanie Mayr and creative brand maker Daniel Plettenberg, are always probing boundaries and mining change, as can be seen in their latest move: a packaging redesign which gives all the fragrances the same visual signature. The new outfit is purist, modern, subtle and yet still manages to give each scent an unmistakable look. What unites them is the classic, crystal-clear shape of the bottles; what distinguishes them is the typography of the name, which shines both on the bottle and on the elegant, matte black packaging  (forgive me if I’m repeating myself here, but the outer packaging is crucial as it protects the exquisite contents from daylight or artificial light). I instantly fell for the new design. It enhances brand recognition, it sums up what the brand is all about and it puts the fragrance and its name firmly at the centre of the stage. The new packaging reveals the unity in diversity, the diversity in unity – and that’s a strong message we should all embrace!