Matthew Miller

“Art is fundamental to design” is the inspiration behind this fragrance. The notes used in it conjure up the mood of an opening show at an art gallery, transforming it into an experience for the nose.

Top: Sunk Accord | Galbanum | Cardamom | Bucchu | Cassis Flower Avender
Heart: Nutmeg | Bay | Incense | Leather | Smokey Notes
Base: Patchouli Oil | Cedar Wood | Castoreum | Incense Resin | Vetiver | Gaiac Wood | Musk

anti anti

anti anti is an ultra-modern fragrance: soft and elegant, edgy and sensuous – a work of art like a contemporary sculpture. anti anti is a double negative, it is not against, it is for: for life with all its ups and downs, for people with all their differences, for freedom of mind, freedom of being, freedom to be different.

Top:       Hazelnut | Bitter Orange Oil | Red Pepper | Cardamon
Heart:   Cacao Absolue | Osmanthus Absolue | Leather | Cistus Absolue | Birch Tar
Base:     Oakwood Absolue | Benzoe Siam | Vetiver  | Sandalwood | Cedar Wood | Musk

Sleeping with Ghosts

Sleeping with Ghosts is a tender fantasy – of unexpected beauty, lost in a world of darkness. A crisp opening note of quince fades into a dream of luminous vanilla and vetiver, wrapped in leather.

Top: Marigold | Quince
Heart: Peony | Leather
Base: Vetiver | Vanilla


al03 is angular, severe cultivation. A fragrance that is both warm and cool – and most certainly not for boys.

Top: a radiant start, cool, refreshing.
Peach | Pineapple | Bergamot | Lemon | Lime | Lavender | Petitgrain | Mint | Gardenia Leaves

Heart: herbaceous with sophisticated floral notes.
Star Anise | Artemisia | Tarragon | Nutmeg | Rosemary | Geranium | Carnation | Lily of the Valley | Jasmine | Orris | Rose | Orchid

Base: a warm, mysterious leather-wood-moss combination.
Cedar Wood | Vetiver | Patchouli | Incense | Labdanum | Leather | Oak Moss | White Musk | Ambergris | Castoreum

Boudicca Wode

Imagine a fragrance that has all the darkness and depth of oudh but with a richer, far more sensual radiance. This is Boudicca Wode, a collaboration between cult British fashion label, BOUDICCA, and the team behind global fragrance phenomenon, Escentric Molecules.

Wode’s fierce erotic charge comes from accords where rare black hemlock and raw opium interlace with saffron and tuberose, and musk and amber blend with jasmine, blonde tobacco and cumin. In its multi-layered structure, a heart of voluptuous warmth is shot through with resins and woods that evoke shadowy northern forests.

Top:     Dewdrop green note | Juniper | Angelica root | Coriander seed | Pink Pepper | Black Pepper | Clary Sage   Bergamot
Heart:  Opium Accord | Jasmine | Rose | Black Hemlock | Tuberose | Saffron |Maté | Cumin
Base:   Sandalwood | Cedarwood | Styrax | Guaiac| Tonka Bean | Castoreum | Oakmoss | Amber | Musk | Blonde Tobacco Leather