:P is a feisty little scent: pepper married to Palo Santo – the holy wood of South America – and ambergris challenge the nose. Rotated by 90°, the :P insolently sticks its tongue out at the world.

 :P is the pepper spray of perfumes – not a weapon, but with a disarming impact: the person opposite, be it a man or a woman, has no choice but to surrender.

Top: Black Pepper | Pink Pepper | Elemi | Coriander
Heart: Sambac Jasmin
Base: Resin | Iso E Super | Amber | Palo Santo Wood


eo03 is an extravagant statement in white with a subtle, only-the-best-is-good-enough style.

Top: Green, fruity elements.
Green Leaves | Orange Flower | Pepper | Peach | Raspberry | Neroli

Heart: An exotic and complex interpretation of a white topic.
Lily of the Valley | Egyptian Jasmine | Tuberose | Ylang | Carnation Bud | Violet

Base: Rounds off the fragrance masterfully in a sensuous ambergris-musk complex.
Elemi | Sandalwood | Vetiver | Almond | Amber | Musk